Florida Mold Inspections and Mold Remediation

Our inspection process starts out with a thorough visual inspection of the property. We use thermal imaging cameras to locate moisture behind walls and we will also measure the moisture levels throughout the property. We’ll identify any areas that are particularly at high risk such as water intrusion areas, areas of excess moisture, and if there is any visible mold growth. When we find these high concern areas we’ll agree with you on a plan for Mold testing. During the actual testing process we will collect the mold samples and then send them off to an independent laboratory so that they can be analyzed.

After we get the results back from the lab, we put together a final report using the results of the tests and the findings of our mold inspector. This final report includes all the readings, pictures and observations of the mold inspection. Some people will just receive a clearance letter letting them know that there is no need for further action as the test revealed there were no elevated mold levels.

The final step is the mold remediation. Depending on the findings, we will provide you with a list of qualified, licensed and insured mold remediators in your area. 

  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Moisture Evaluation
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Leak Detection
  • Insurance Assistance

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We have performed thousands of inspections for more than a decade

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Florida Mold Testing and Air Quality Testing

When a customer has a property that is found to be contaminated with mold we write a detailed remediation protocol which describes the requirements to decontaminate the mold at the property. Our mold inspection report will ensure that any mold removal company you hire performs mold remediation only on the precise areas we describe which ensures you pay less for mold removal and guides the remediation company take all the necessary steps to make your indoor environment safe again.

If your report comes back and you do need to hire a mold remediation company, we recommend performing a clearance test when they finish removing the mold. During the clearance test we take samples from the areas where the work was done to determine if the mold removal company completed the job correctly. If the work passes the clearance test you can go back to rebuilding your property. If the mold test doesn’t come back clear, then we will further advise you on what needs to be done so the job can be completed properly and the work can pass the next clearance test.

Things To Know Before Hiring A Mold Inspector

Is the inspection company qualified to do the inspection?

  • We are Florida State Licensed to perform mold inspections. To see ours  Click Here

Are you insured?

  • We have $2,000,000 liability insurance required by the State of Florida. Always ask for a copy of the insurance policy. To see ours  Click Here

Are you qualified?

  • We have been conducting inspections for over 9 years. All of our employees are trained and over-qualified to perform a mold inspection.

How many inspections do you perform per year?

  • We have been conducting inspections for over 9 years. All of our employees are trained and over-qualified to perform a mold inspection.

Do you have references from work done in the past year?

  • Upon request, we will provide you with a list of past client so that you can call them with questions. You can also do your own research online by tying our company name and looking for other reviews.

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