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The biggest and best name for a mold inspections in Florida is Mold Expert. We offer an unbiased mold inspection throughout Florida. We have the best and most qualified staff on our team. We also offer a price match guarantee. If you can really find a cheaper mold inspection company offering what we offer you, then we will beat their price by 10%. MoldExpert.com is a fully licensed Florida Mold Assessment company and our consultants and technicians are very well qualified. When you decide to have your mold inspection performed, please make sure you only deal with qualified professionals who meets all of the guidelines and regulations set out by the Florida state government.

Have you noticed a strange odor, seen something unusual in the walls or clothing, or maybe you’ve recently had water damage in your home or you’re in the middle of selling/buying a home? Or perhaps you’re just a little worried about mold damaging your health. No matter what the reason is for you needing a mold inspection; we can help you find out for sure if there is mold in your home or business.

During the mold inspection we will confirm the presence of mold and our Licensed mold inspectors will also determine where the mold is coming from and why. We will make sure we find out what the underlying cause behind the mold is no matter what. Then we can advise you on how to deal with the issue and get rid of the mold in your house.

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